Engagement Model

Based on your objective we can tailor. We have vast experience of both small and large scale projects.

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Time & Material​

T&M model is to pay for the actual time and efforts spent on your project. The approach works best for large projects, innovative projects (including IoT and Artificial Intelligence software development) and projects with unclear or evolving requirements.

Project Basis

The model is suitable for small, medium-sized and large projects with clear requirements that aren’t likely to change over time and milestones that can be achieved within a definite time-frame. 

Dedicated Team

This approach is basically a variation of the T&M model. By going DDT, you are 100% free to manage your remote employees directly monitor the development process, hold meetings on a regular basis, prioritize tasks on the scope, etc.

Hybrid Model

This model can include multiple model to meet your need. It depends on several factors, and the size of a software project is surely not one of them. The hybrid model gives you the same capabilities, optimized based on talent and cost, with just a single point of contact.

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